Reality Bits


Jordan (Ruman Kazi) is a hairstylist, but hobbies as a bowler. He hopes to marry his hobby with his search for love. Picture a bowling competition where those who improve the most at bowling win big- and by win big…we mean marry Jordan! But, will the idea survive the scrutiny of Jeremy and Nikhil? Will the Bitz Boiz give it the green-light? Or, will they toss it back into the sea of failed pitches?

Bollywood Boyz


Ruman Kazi joins hosts to talk about an influential Bollywood movie from his childhood. This episode we talk about classic film MAINE PYAR KIYA (1989)

Quit Happens


The most common job quitting stories usually involve someone realizing their chosen career is no longer right for them. But not this one.

Ruman Kazi is an actor and improv performer who chose to become an accountant as a means of making a living while perfecting his drumming skills, in order to one day quit the finance world and pursue a career in music. In fact, he had an EIGHT-year plan in place. However, a concussion derailed the original plan, at which point he found acting, and a different non-financial career was born.

High Hopes


Marcella goes deep with Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre performer Ruman Kazi, as he talks about his relationship with Bipolar 2 and marijuana.

Who Do You Think You Are?


Welcome to Who Do You Think You Are? the podcast that asks funny, creative people what their world looks like in this glorious moment. This week we talk to Ruman Kazi about mental health, Blockbuster video, and the value of businesses!

JihadPod Pilot Hosted By Ruman Kazi


Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre had a special New Year's Resolution show where they invited UCB Performers to carry out a resolution on stage before the year closes out. Hosted by Oscar Montoya and Santina Muha, I was invited to try out the concept of the podcast I wanted to start. Listen to me talk to Santina Muha about her Roman Catholic, italian upbringing and her out of body experience. And then I make it gross.

Ruman Kazi interviewed on a pakistani news segment

guest dj on a radio show - Persistence of sound


Guest DJ Ruman Kazi

From Primus to Bela Fleck and so much in-between.
PATCHED IN guest DJ: actor Ruman Kazi, co-starring in the upcoming NBC sitcom THE GOOD PLACE, premiering September 19th!